Saturday, January 23, 2016

Taking it to the Next Level, Volume 5: Why Young Hockey Players SHOULDN'T Train Like Pros

In today's culture of youth sports, the level of competition seems to be creeping higher and higher at younger and younger ages. This forces young athletes and their parents to seek ways to become more competitive at what seems like an impossibly young age.  Nine and ten year olds are finding themselves in the gym working out in an effort to emulate the pros and to gain a competitive edge.

Renowned strength and conditioning coach Maria Mountain of trains professional, olympic and elite level goalies and other athletes.  Today, she shares the following series of videos with us to help us understand how young bodies work and what our expectations should be as they grow and develop....and why they should NOT be training like professional athletes at age 9!

Click the links below each photo to watch!

Building the Foundation

Muscle Mass vs. Motor Patterns

Strength Training Safely

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